American Suzuki

American Suzuki Files For Bankruptcy

Many of our customers have been asking about what the future of Suzuki will be in America now that they have filed for bankruptcy. In short, if you are a PowerSports enthusiast (motorcycle, ATV, scooter, or marine) then things are looking up. Once the Chapter 11 process has run its course, revenues from the motorcycle […]

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2012 Suzuki TU250

Suzuki TU250 Fuel-Injected Fun

For those of you looking for a great beginner motorcycle, this is it. The Suzuki TU250 offers that cool retro look along with modern electronics and fuel injection. The 250cc power plant offers enough juice to get you around, but not so much as to get you in to trouble. With prices beginning at just over 4 […]

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The Problems With Today’s Fuel

Our service department has been dealing with more and more issues relating to fuel, and over the last 3 years these problems have just gotten worse. Now we are even seeing some problems with fuel injected machines, where as in the past it was just carburated machines that had problems. Most of these problems arise from […]

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