Yamaha FZ-07 Parallel Twin

The latest edition to the Yamaha motorcycle lineup is the all new fuel-injected FZ-07 Crossplane Concept parallel twin. The FZ-07 is new from the ground up, and the engine isn’t just 2/3rds of the powerplant found in the smash hit FZ-09.

The FZ-07 incorporates a host of cool featuresThe all new FZ-07 in Liquid Graphite

  • 689cc parallel twin engine with overhead cams and 4 valves per cylinder. The Crossplane Concept first seen in the R1 is incorporated into the engine design (this concept helps to minimize torque pulses which are created by the sudden deceleration and acceleration of the piston and crank each time that a piston reaches top dead center and bottom dead center). The larger pistons and valves of a twin-cylinder engine also offer excellent low engine torque for real world operations.
  • The 6-speed transmission utilizes stacked shafts which shorten the length of the engine, contributing to a lightweight design.
  • Dual front 282mm discs with 4-piston calipers offer excellent stopping power.
  • The 10 spoke rims are shod with industry standard 120/70-17 front tires and a 180/55-17 rear tires. This means that when it’s time to fit some new shoes you will have plenty of options based on your riding style.
  • The FZ has a 3.7 gallon fuel tank, and initial estimates from Yamaha state a fuel economy of 58 MPG (just remember that the fuel economy ratings are for those of you who drive like responsible adults 😉 – your mileage may vary)
  • A total wet weight of 397lbs

The FZ-07 will be on showrooms before the end of June, and it will be available in 3 different colors

  • Liquid Graphite
  • Rapid Red
  • Pearl White

MSRP on this cool new ride is only $6990*. As the FZ-07 is not fully faired it’s also a good bet that insurance on this cool new twin will be quite a bit cheaper than most of the 600cc Supersport models.


Swing by and check one out, you won’t be disappointed.

* Plus transportation, assembly, tax, title, license, and VIT