Texas Inspection Stickers

Beginning on 3/1/2015 the process to have your vehicle inspected for operation on the roads in Texas will change.

In the past, obtaining your State inspection sticker has always been a separate process that is not related to obtaining your annual vehicle registration. Beginning on March 1st, 2015, inspection stations will no longer issue an inspection sticker that is attached to the vehicle. While your vehicle still requires an annual inspection, once the vehicle has been inspected the State will be notified electronically that your vehicle complies with the State inspection requirements. When you go to register your vehicle (motorcycle, automobile, etc) you will only be able to obtain a new registration sticker after the tax office confirms that you have passed the inspection standards.

The first two years of this program will be referred to as a sync up period (since not all registration stickers and inspection stickers expire at the same time. While the process is a little complex to explain, here is the most simple explanation.

  • Starting on march 1st, 2015
    • If your current inspection sticker has expired then you will need to have your vehicle inspected prior to obtaining a new registration sticker
    • Through February 29th, 2016 – If your require a new registration and your current inspection sticker has not expired then you can obtain a new registration sticker without having your vehicle inspected. Once you have obtained a new registration sticker, going forward your registration and inspection will always be due on the same month.

The cost to obtain the new inspection is still the same as before, it is just paid differently. For a base inspection without emissions testing the cost is still $14.50, with $7.00 being paid to the inspection station and the other $7.50 being collected at the tax office when you obtain your registration sticker. Inspection stickers in emissions counties vary, and that cost is in addition to the base amount listed above.

After 3/1/2015 inspection stickers will no longer be affixed to vehicles. The inspection station will provide a proof of inspection called a VIR or Vehicle Inspection Record. Keep this record with the vehicle as proof of inspection should there be an issue with the records submitted to the State. The VIR also functions in place of the old “Green Sheet” for vehicles that have never before been inspected in Texas.

For more information about the new inspection program check out the State’s website “Two Steps, One Sticker“. The site has quite a bit of additional information about the new inspection program, and it also has a handy calculator which you can use to determine if you will need to have your vehicle inspected prior to obtaining an updated registration. On our around March 1st, the State will also be adding a lookup tool so that you can determine your vehicle’s current inspection status.

Texas State Vehicle Inspection

Two Steps – One Sticker