Texas Hill Country Ride Maps

Texas Hill Country Motorcycle MapLooking for a great stocking stuffer? The motorcyclist in your life could get lots of use out of a Butler Ride Map, which details all of the great riding areas in the Hill Country.

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If you’re looking for the best riding in Texas, head toward the Hill Country. Weaving through fields of blue bonnets and mature oaks are some of the most enjoyable motorcycling roads you’ll find anywhere. Spend enough time here and you can find everything from fast sweeping highway, to obscure single lane back roads. If your ride is as much about food, drink and camaraderie with friends, then you’re in the right spot. The small towns of the Texas Hill Country have it all.

Each and every road segment detailed in our maps has been ridden and rated by an owner of Butler Maps Inc. From sport bike enthusiast, to dual sport adventurer, chopper rider, to two up tourers, our team has diligently researched and presented fantastic riding experiences that are sure to impress no matter what you ride.


G1 Rides – 13 Routes

As riders we constantly search for the perfect road. We seek that fleeting moment where everything fits perfectly together. The rhythmic hum of the motor, the dramatic vistas that overwhelm our senses and the one of a kind road that ties it all together. We search for G1. Steep climbs, tight switchbacks, deep canyons and million dollar views. These roads have an undeniable appeal that set them apart from everything else.

G2 Rides – 52 Routes

There are no stoplights or shopping malls here. G2 roads energetically flow from corner to corner gently bobbing and weaving. They meander past lakes, criss cross forests and provide an expereince you cant get on the freeway. Keep your head up. G2s can have fast sweepers, elevation change, tight corners and everything in between.

G3 Rides – 101 Routes

G3 is not your average road. All though these stretches of tarmac require the fewest criteria to make our list , dont be fooled. G3 roads are twisty and exciting. Ditch the traffic and head toward a stretch of orange, you wont regret it.