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Side view cutaway of the new turbocharged Can-Am Maverick

Can-Am Maverick X ds TURBO

The horsepower wars are really beginning to heat up. Can-Am was the first OEM into the triple digits with the 101HP Maverick. Polaris responded with the 107HP RZR XP1K, and then this year upped the RZR 1000 to 110HP with refinements to the cams and pistons. Not satisfied with being in second place, Can-Am has […]

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Polaris Drive Belt Failure Poster

Polaris Drive Belt Survival Guide

One of the most common failures we see on Polaris vehicles is CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) drive belt failures. While these failures can be expensive to fix, the majority of them can be easy to prevent. The easiest way to extend your belt life is to use the low gear drive range when you are […]

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2014 Can-Am Maverick Max

2014 Can-Am Maverick Max

The 2014 Maverick Max will be on dealership showrooms this Summer (2013). With seating for 4, now you can share the fun with more of your friends than before. The Maverick Max comes in 2 different flavors Maverick Max – Standard 101 Horsepower Visco-Lok auto locking front differential ROPS approved roll cage Digitally Encoded Security […]

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