Suzuki GSX-R Brake Recall

Suzuki Motor of America has announced a recall on the GSX-R series of sportbikes.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic (meaning that it attracts water) and where moisture accumulates corrosion often follows. Suzuki engineers have determined that the brake piston (located inside the front master cylinder) on some motorcycles may not have had a uniform surface treatment applied to it during production (one meant to prevent corrosion). If this coating breaks down, and if moisture is present in the brake fluid, the piston may begin to corrode. When this occurs, small air bubbles may develop in the brake fluid, and the buildup of this gas can reduce pressure in the braking system when the front brakes are applied. This can result in reduced stopping distances, or a complete failure of the front brakes.

Which models does the recall apply to?Suzuki GSX-R Brake Master Cylinder

  • GSX-R600 (2004-2013 models)
  • GSX-R750 (2004-2013 models)
  • GSX-R1000 (2005-2013 models)

What now

  • Call your dealer to determine if your GSX-R requires the recall
  • Schedule an appointment with your dealer to have the recall performed (parts for this recall are ordered by individual VIN numbers and the parts for each motorcycle must be ordered in advance of the repair, dealerships are unable to stock the recall kits)

The dealership will replace your master cylinder with a new master cylinder, one that is redesigned in order to minimize a buildup of gases in the system. The dealer will also flush old brake fluid from the system with new DOT 4 fluid and then purge the braking system of any trapped air.

Parts are currently available, and Suzuki recommends you not operate your motorcycle until the recall has been performed.

p.s. The recall only applies to motorcycles which still utilize the OEM Suzuki braking components. If you have modified your braking system then this recall may or may not apply to your motorcycle.