Suzuki Back To MotoGP in 2015

After a long absence from the premier motorcycle racing class, Suzuki Motor Corp. will return to MotoGP racing in 2015 with a new GP racer powered by a 1000cc in-line four-cylinder engine.

Suzuki just released some images of the prototype during testing at the Catalunya circuit. While the bike looks pretty traditional from the outside, we are betting that Suzuki is putting all of its weight behind this project.

Suzuki 1000cc MotoGP Prototype

“Through continuing running tests at the circuits inside and outside Japan for further development and refinement, Suzuki Motor Corp. will participate again in MotoGP racing from 2015,” the company announced. “Suzuki Motor Corp. will feed back advanced technology to be derived through MotoGP racing activity to develop further attractive production models.”

Team manager Davide Brivio and development rider Randy De Puniet are the chief members of Suzuki’s 2013 Europe testing team.