Spyder RT Upgraded to a 1330 Triple

After 3 years of testing, Can-Am has released an all new Spyder RT for 2014. Over the years, customers have continued to ask for more power and increased range, and the new Spyder RT delivers on all fronts.

The 2014 Spyder RT now sports a 3-cylinder Rotax 1330 ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) engine offering significant torque increases over the original Spyder’s 998cc V-twin. According to Can-Am’s product development team, the new engine peaks at 115 hp at 7250 rpm, and 96 lb-ft of torque at 5000 rpm.2014 Can-Am Spyder RT

The new engine also incorporates an Eco-Mode which adjusts the vehicles shift points. Along with a slightly larger fuel tank for 2014 and an all new transmission, the new Spyder is now capable of approximately 200 miles between fill-ups, along with a total range on a tank of fuel approaching 250 miles.

To address heat issues, the radiators on the 2014 RT have been moved to the front of the vehicle, and at low speeds the cooling fans can operate in reverse, significantly decreasing the amount of engine heat experienced by the driver.

And as one final nod to consumer demand, maintenance intervals on the new 2014 Spyder RT have been dramatically expanded, resulting in significantly lower servicing costs. The valves on the new triple NEVER need to be adjusted!

The new Spyder will be available in 3 models, including the base RT, the RT-S, and the ever popular RT Limited.

The new 2014 RT should be hitting showroom floors soon.