Sea-Doo SAR Search And Rescue

Looking for a craft to use for rescue operations in fresh and salt water? Well check out the new SAR from Sea-Doo. The first PWC specifically designed for use by search and rescue professionals.

The new SAR incorporates a long list of featuresA PWC designed just for Search and Rescue

  • Normally Aspirated 1503cc Rotax 4-stroke engine with a closed loop cooling system
  • iBR intelligent braking and reverse
  • Dual sponsons to increase stability and running boards which provide sure footing in rough conditions
  • Heavy duty front bumper for when you don’t have time to slow down
  • A 2.8mm thick elastomeric coating on the hull to minimize impact shock and abrasions
  • A carbon fiber rear mast with an integrated navigation light
  • A shallow water navigation kit which helps to minimize the ingestion of debris into the jet pump
  • 12-volt power outlet
  • Wide angle mirrors
  • A tow hook and reboarding step

The SAR boasts a long list of additional features that are standard among the Sea-Doo lineup, along with some other features that are unique to the SAR.

The Sea-Doo SAR will only be available directly from BRP, and only institutional customers (police departments, fire departments, rescue organizations, etc) will be able to purchase this unique new Sea-Doo.

For more information about the SAR you can contact Mark Phillips via email or by phone at 480-580-2040.



2 Responses to “Sea-Doo SAR Search And Rescue”

  1. Ernest Aviles | September 19, 2014 at 9:39 pm #

    The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary PWC Rescue Program requires the use, of at the very least, a three seater PWC. Do you have or intend on building a three seater SAR PWC so that I can review it? I am a PWC Rescue Trainee in North Florida and I would absolutely love to view a boat capable of passing our requirements for SARs. With alot of floodings as you know its becoming more and more popular to have trained professionals to do PWC SARS.

    • Mark Sheffield | September 19, 2014 at 10:01 pm #

      Mr. Aviles

      Thanks for the email. The SAR is a purpose built vehicle that Sea-Doo is producing in limited numbers. As it currently stands, the SAR is only available for purchase directly from the division at Sea-Doo which supports the military and law enforcement. If you need more information I would contact Mark Phillips directly by phone at 480-580-2040 or via email using

      I hope that helps.

      Mark J. Sheffield
      General Manager
      Woods Cycle Country