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Ride Texas Magazine took the time to feature the Can-Am Spyder in their autumn 2015 issue.Ride Texas Magazine Logo

More and more Spyders are hitting the roads. Can-Am recently sold Spyder # 100,000, and with 4 different models to choose from there is no doubt that we will continue to see more Roadsters on the street and more new models in the future.

The evolution of the Spyder

  • 2008 – Spyder GS SM5/SE5 released – 5 speed transmission (semi-automatic or manual)
  • 2010 – Spyder RS SM5/SE5 released – an updated and improved GS model
  • 2010 – Spyder RT SM5/SE5 released – touring model with integrated saddlebags
  • 2013 – Spyder ST SM5/SE5 released – sporty cross between the RS and the RT
  • 2014 – Spyder RT SM6/SE6 released – all new 3-cylinder Rotax powerplant with a 6-speed transmission
  • 2015 – Spyder F3 SM6/SE6 released – leaner and lower 3-cylinder model targeted at the cruiser customer
  • 2016 – Spyder F3T SM6/SE6 released – bagger/touring model of the F3
  • 2017 – Spyder ….. TBD

If you would like to read more about touring Texas on Spyder then check out the most recent article from Ride Texas Magazine (PDF viewer required).

Ride Texas Magazine – Autumn 2015 – Caught in the Spyder’s Web

2016 Can-Am Spyder - F3T

2016 Can-Am Spyder – F3T


Ride Texas Magazine

Ride Texas Magazine

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