Polaris Test Drive Challenge

Test drive a new Polaris at Woods Cycle Country & get a FREE T-Shirt!

There are many reasons why Polaris is the dominant player in both the ATV and UTV markets. As of late, Honda has been boasting about how well their Foreman ATV and Pioneer UTV have been selling, but we are postive that they don’t stand a chance when compared head to head against similar vehicles from Polaris. We know you have many choices out there when it comes to purchasing your next ATV or utility vehicle, so that’s why we are offering the Polaris challenge. Swing by your local Honda dealer and take a test drive on a new Honda Rancher or Honda Pioneer. Then, swing by Woods Cycle Country and test drive a new Sportsman 570 or Ranger 570 on our test track.2014 Polaris Sportsman 570

2014 Polaris Ranger 570We know your time is valuable. Just for taking the challenge, we will give you a free T-shirt. And if you decide to purchase a new Sportsman 570 or Ranger 570, we’ll also give you a coupon good for $100 in free accessories for your new ride.  Just bring in the following coupon.


The Polaris Sportsman series is the best selling ATV of all time. With its  four-wheel independent suspension, the Sportsman 570 offers an exceptionally comfy ride. The fuel-injected 570cc engine offers ample power for all of the terrain that you will encounter and the on demand all wheel drive puts that power to the ground where it is needed. The new Sportsman 570 is also available with optional EPS (Electronic Power Steering).

What makes a Sportsman 570 better than the FourTrax Foreman 4×4?

  • The Sportsman 570 has 52% more horsepower
  • The 570 offers 44% more towing capacity
  • The Sportsman accelerates to 40 MPH five seconds quicker than the Honda
  • The Polaris comes with independant rear suspension offering 2.3″ more travel than the Honda
  • The 570 is designed to offer 46% more ground clearance than the Foreman 500
  • The list goes on and on


The Polaris Ranger series of utility vehicles dominates every class of UTV that has been created. Be it the entry level, value, sport, or premium categories, nobody retails more utility vehicles than Polaris. If you are looking for a great all around UTV, then look no further than the Ranger 570. The fuel injected Ranger 570 can tow up to 1250 pounds, and it also has a 1000 lb payload capacity. The mid size chassis is extremely nimble, and with 10″ of suspension there are few places that you can’t go.

And what makes a Ranger 570 better than a Pioneer 700?

  • The Ranger has 11% more power and it accelerates to 40 MPH 5.4 seconds faster than the Honda Pioneer
  • The 570 offers 53% better fuel economy than the Pioneer when operated at 25 MPH
  • The Polaris has dual rear ventilated brakes that are 29% larger than the Honda’s single rear disc brake
  • The Honda Pioneer has a solid rear differential that cannot be unlocked, while the 570 offers a locking rear differential. This means that the Polaris turns easier and does a lot less damage to lawns and other sensitive surfaces
  • And the list keeps on going

Test drive a Polaris today. We know you won’t be disappointed. Here is what a portion of the Woods Cycle Country test track looks like. use your mouse to scroll around.


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