Polaris Jagged X Extreme Makeover

As one of the largest Polaris dealers in the state of Texas, we here at Woods Cycle Country get the opportunity to build some cool off road vehicles, but this 2013 Jagged X RZR takes the cake.

This particular build started off life as a  RZR® XP 900 H.O. Jagged X Edition

From there, here is a list of some of the accessories we added

  • A brand new set of 27x10x14R EFX MotoClaw tires
  • A set of 14×7 MSA M16 Vice Beadlock wheels with matching blue rings
  • Dual front mounted Rigid Industries 30″ E series light bars
  • A single front mounted Rigid Industries 10″ SR series light bar
  • A rear mounted Rigid Industries 20″ SR series light bar mounted high on the rear roll cage and a second 10″ SR series Rigid Industries light bar mounted low between the exhaust tips
  • A 4500lb Polaris Pro HD winch
  • Custom black powder coated roof made just for the Jagged X
  • Custom battery tray holding 2 additional high capacity 30 amp gel batteries
  • Custom lighted dash switches in a billet mount
  • High capacity battery isolator kit
  • Two sets of Wet Sounds Rev8 tower speakers with lighted speaker rings. One set pointing to the front and one set to the rear
  • A single Wet Sounds bass speaker mounted below the dash
  • Twin Sinister series audio amps
  • Quick disconnect steering wheel
  • About 300 feet of custom wiring color matched to the roll cage
  • Some 60 odd hours of labor

There are a lot of other items that went in to this build, but those are the biggies.

We will have more pictures to post next week.

Custom Jagged X RZR by Woods Cycle Country

Colorado Components was also nice enough to add a blog entry about this build.

Kudos to James Pomrenke and his team for doing all of the work and Julio Castillo in parts did a great job of rousting up all the cool accessories.