Multi Seal Off Road Tire Sealant

Multi-Seal tire sealant is one of the best preventative measures you can take against flat tires resulting from punctures. The heavy duty sealant is designed for use in off-road vehicles such as ATVs and Utility Vehicles, and it is one of the most effective sealants to prevent against flats from cactus and mesquite thorns. We have consistently seen the sealant plug holes up to 1/4″ in diameter in the main treaded areas of punctured tires. And while it is not as effective on the vertical sections, Multi-Seal does have the ability to plug some smaller punctures in the sidewalls of compromised tires.Heavy Duty Tire Sealant

The Multi-Seal puncture compound is comprised of synthetic fibers contained within a liquid suspension. When a tire is punctured, a small amount of the liquid suspension is driven out by the compressed air contained within the tire, and the suspended fibers form a plug at the puncture site . As the tire continues to flex under use, the fibers in the plug are compressed into a tight and permanent seal. Most punctures are plugged within 2 or 3 revolutions of the tire.

To install the sealant, the valve stem cores on the tires are removed and all the air is allowed to escape from the tires. Then, a measured amount of Multi-Seal is pumped in to each tire (the exact amount is based on the tire size), the valve cores are reinstalled, and the tires are reinflated to normal operating pressures.

A gallon of Multi-Seal will treat all 4 tires on the average ATV or UTV. The sealant can be installed by the dealership, or it is available in gallon jugs for self application at your home or work. A single installation of sealant will normally last the life of the tire, and the installed cost for a typical 4-wheeled ATV or UTV is approximately $99 + tax.

Don’t let a flat tire ruin your weekend.