Moto Fun Motorcycle Safety Course

If you live in Texas and are in need of the motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license, then one of the first steps is to take an MSF approved BRC (Basic Riders Course).

The BRC includes approximately 6 hours of classroom training and about 10 hours of range time on a motorcycle. The course lasts 2 days. The current cost is about $225 (pricing varies by location), which also includes the use of a motorcycle for the range portion of the class.

Moto Fun MSF Logo

If you are looking for a local course, then be sure to check out Moto Fun, which offers courses in both Buda (at the Buda Elementary School), and Austin (at the Wilhelmina Delco Center).

The Basic Rider Course is the best way to learn the skills that will develop you into a safe and responsible motorcyclist. Successful completion of the BRC may also earn you a discount on your motorcycle insurance.