Joseph Roberts – Lake Havasu Diary – Day 2

Joseph Roberts - On the water @ Lake Havasu

Im writing this to you, sitting on the tailgate of my truck with my feet in the water. I thinking thinking to myself it can’t get any better than this.

Yesterday I finally got my Sea-Doo RXPX out of the trailer for the first time. I took it to tech, so I could get it out the way and of course I passed.

We then loaded it up on the trailer and when down to “Body Beach” (a major part of the world finals tradition – a practice spot where all of the “pros” go)

In the last 2 days I have ran over 120 laps and have gone through 30 gallons of fuel. I have tried so many handling and performance combos that my pen stopped working a few times in book.

We are going to strip my boat down tonight, rebuild the supercharger and do some minor engine tweaks.

So long for the shore line of Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Joseph Roberts