Fully Restored 1978 Yamaha YZ250

While we always look forward to the cool new stuff that the OEM’s release each fall, it’s also fun to look back at our industry’s roots. Recently we decided to resurrect a crusty old 78 Yamaha YZ250, and the finished product left us speechless.

Restoring vintage motocrossers requires a special set of talents. When we went looking for someone to help with this project, one name rose to the top of the pile, and that was Phoenix Precision Restoration.

PPR is a one stop shop when it comes to restoring old motorcycles, and they made the process completely painless. The YZ was picked up from our dealership, and 4 months later they returned it to us in like new condition. And while they were taking care of the restoration, PPR was also able to assist us in obtaining a title for the Yamaha.

PPR offers a myriad of different services including

  • Museum quality restorations
  • Race ready restorations (updating suspension and other components to withstand the rigors of racing)
  • Metal reworking and repair
  • Worldwide transportation services
  • Titling services
  • Many others

If you don’t have the motorcycle you want to restore, Phoenix has a large selection of cores in their inventory for you to choose from. And if you require a specific year, make, and model for your restoration then PPR will be glad to help you to find one.

To view all the photos of this restored YZ250 check out our Google + album

1978 Yamaha YZ250

78 Yamaha YZ250


This fully restored YZ is currently on display at Woods Cycle Country in New Braunfels, TX. And, if you have a little money that you want to part with,  then we will be happy to let you take her home. Why you ask would we sell this piece of history? Because then we could restore another one.

For more information about PPR and the services they offer you can contact Jim Martin at

Phoenix Precision Restoration
P.O. Box 12977
Scottsdale, AZ 85267
Telephone: 480-406-9493
Email: JMartin@PhoenixPrecisionRestoration.com​