Comal River Riders Motorcycle Club

Motorcyclists all have a few things in common

  • They like to ride
  • They like to talk about motorcycles
  • They like to eat
  • They like to ride some more

All things that are a lot easier to accomplish when you have friends who ride. If you are looking for some new friends to go riding with, then check out the Comal River Riders. The group was formed in 2002, and has grown to over 30 members, ranging from new riders to ones who have been in the saddle for most of their life.

The group rides are moderately paced, and typically involve a sightseeing destination or a place to eat (often both).

Some key stats

  • Membership dues are only $25 a year
  • The group holds meetings on the first Monday of each month
  • Members host an annual Summer picnic and they also have a yearly Christmas party
  • Multiple rides are scheduled throughout the month
  • The club is non-denominational and accepts all brands of motorcycles
  • The club has both male and female members
  • Each year the group raises funds to support a local charity or cause. For 2012, funds were raised and donated to the Crisis Center of New Braunfels.

The club hosts a website on For more information

Comal River Riders